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Process Engineering Manager

01 Process Engineering:


Through the design and successful commissioning of these various plants, METC has developed excellent process knowledge in the following fields:

  • Material flow and material handling
  • Crushing - Tooth Roll, jaw, gyratory, HPGR
  • Comminution - FAG, SAG, Ball, Verti, ultra-fine milling
  • Heap leaching
  • Flotation
  • Agitation leaching
  • Solvent extraction
  • Gravity recovery - spirals, centrifugal concentrators, DMS/HMS
  • Elution
  • Electrowinning (gold and copper)
  • Dewatering - Thickening/Cyclones, Filtration
  • Sorters - X-ray, optical
  • Detoxification (Cyanide)
  • Smelting


Engineering Manager


02 Engineering & Design:


METC is a design house that designs and builds metallurgical plants for mines. The combination of engineering efficiency, extensive project design experience driven by entrepreneurial passion and a company with a sense of fun has made METC a premier engineering design company. The team members have designed, built and operated more than 75 metallurgical plants across the African continent. The team is responsive, fast moving, flexible and skilled in completing studies and detailed design for metallurgical plants, for both brown-field and green-field projects; as well as detailed engineering for plant sections and process islands. This dedicated team brings high level engineering and management experience in day-to-day project issues while still providing cost effective detailed engineering.


METC always utilises innovative approaches to increase speed of construction, reduce capital cost and improve efficiency This includes:

  • Use of reinforced earthen walls
  • Use of segmented tanks
  • Modularisation of plant
  • Use of right sized equipment
  • Skid mounted designs.
  • Minimisation of drop heights to reduce
  • Plant footprints,
    • Cost
    • Energy consumption
    • Use 4D modeling to integrate the schedule with the 3D model to confirm the integrity of the construction schedule
  • Use of integrated design databases
  • Extensive cost database from where lower order costs can be extracted


Project Manager


Project Manager


Project Manager


03 Projects:


METC design and build metallurgical process plants and are capable of taking a project through the entire life cycle starting with scoping studies, preliminary feasibility studies, detailed feasibility studies moving through detailed engineering and project execution. We are a very responsive team with years of international experience able to execute EPCM projects and complete preliminary and detailed engineering design as part of project teams. Our directors and engineers have been members of both the owners and contractor teams and have managed EPCM and EPC fixed price projects.


Project Control Manager


04 Project Control:


METC Engineering has adopted a systems-based approach to project controls whereby integrated project control is achieved through the application of the PRISM G2 cost management module for cost control and for integration with the Microsoft Project scheduling software for time phasing of cost. Further project control integration is achieved through the use of the PRISM G2 contracting module which ensures seamless integration between cost management and the procurement and contracting functions, whilst the PRISM G2 change management module further allows for integrated and auditable cost-related change control. The document control function and processes are also system supported in the form of ProjectWise which records and delivers Project documentation to the client team, contractors, fabricators, and manufacturers.


  • The project control function at METC performs the following functions:
  • Work and cost breakdown structure development.
  • Cost estimate data advancement for database driven cost baselines.
  • Cost-schedule integration for time phased cost baselines and forecasting.
  • Project cost control including integration with the procurement and contracting function.
  • Management of the integrated change control process and implementation of approved changes in work breakdown structures, cost, and schedule baselines, etc.
  • Project planning for all project phases from pre-feasibility through to execution commissioning.
  • Project progress reporting and proactive forecasting.
  • Provision of project planning inputs to project risk management.
  • Information management including but not limited to consistent and accurate document and drawing classification and numbering, implementation of a structured approach to information storage, retrieval, transmission  and archiving.



Procurement & Contracts Manager




05 Procurement & Supply Chain:


METC’s supply chain service provides our customers access to global procurement opportunities. The team are experts in supporting demanding, large and complex projects in remote locations of the world, prioritizing quality, cost, schedule requirements and ensuring good procurement practices.

  • Expertise
  • Client/Owners team
  • Procurement management
  • Contractor administration/ management
  • Preparation of RFP packages
  • Global sourcing
  • Evaluation, recommendation & negotiation of final award contract/ orders.
  • Expediting and vendor quality surveillance
  • Global logistics management


Quality Control

Supply Chain Management


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